Value Investing Interview for MOI Global’s Meet-the-Author Forum 2022

Dr. George Athanassakos’ new book Value Investing: From Theory to Practice was featured at this year’s “Meet-the-Author Forum 2022”, hosted by MOI Global. Dr. Athanassakos participated in a virtual, interview-style, presentation on May 10th. View the Interview MOI members can access the full session here: 


“Are we witnessing the last gasps of globalization?”

In his latest article, “Are we witnessing the last gasps of globalization?”, published in The Globe and Mail (Report on Business), p. B10, Dr. George Athanassakos suggests that the trend toward globalization has ended, creating a bleak outlook for the stock, bond, and real estate markets. The article also appeared in Globe Investor Magazine Online, under the…


“Rising interest rates, value investing, war in Europe: key questions answered”

For those concerned about the long-term implications of stock market volatility due to rising inflation and interest rates, the war in Europe and an ongoing global pandemic, Dr. George Athanassakos answers a couple of common questions in his latest article, “Rising interest rates, value investing, war in Europe: key questions answered”, published in the Canadian Investment Review…

Dr. Athanassakos gave a Virtual Presentation to Veritas Investment Research Corporation

Dr. George Athanassakos gave a virtual presentation, titled “Risk Management”, to Veritas Investment Research Corporation for their Fact-Finding Video Series. Dr. Athanassakos and Host Anthony Scilipoti covered: How to evaluate systematic and non-systematic risk. Why value investors reject tenets of modern portfolio theory. Portfolio diversification: “Diversification fails you when you need it most.” Measuring risk: “The problem…