Value Investing

The course is intended to teach students the fundamentals of the value investing approach to valuation and investment management as developed by Graham and Dodd and expanded by Mr. Warren Buffett. The substantive areas covered will be

(1) the fundamental assumptions and approaches to value investing

(2) techniques for assessing fundamental value based on traditional and value investing-based valuation

(3) the design of strategies for searching efficiently for value investing opportunities

(4) the structuring of value-based portfolios to control for risk.

The course is offered at the Graduate MSc Program in Risk Management at NKUA. For more information, visit:

Collaboration of the MSc program with the Greek Center for Value Investing


We would like to thank Eurobank S.A. and Eurolife  FFH for their generous support that allowed the establishment of the Greek Centre for Value Investing and for supporting the centre’s activities.