“This web site promotes the Ben Graham Centre’s Chapter in Europe, and the work we all do at the Centre and the Greek Centre for Value Investing in conjunction with the Value Investing courses offered at NKUA’s Graduate Business Program. My goal is to develop the web site as an all-inclusive source of information for all those looking for Value Investing information or seeking potential analysts or consultants that adhere to the Value Investing principles. The web site contains research on Value Investing, cases and teaching material, Conferences, Seminars, guest speakers, videos, databases and a (future) Value Fund driven by NKUA’s Graduate students. There is also an area within the web site where I promote, name and give contacts of all those students who have taken or are taking Value Investing courses at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I also want to promote the projects our students have worked (or are working) on and the winners of those Value Investing projects. In doing this, I want to keep all students and individuals interested in the Value Investing style connected.”

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We would like to thank Eurobank S.A. and Eurolife  FFH for their generous support that allowed the establishment of the Greek Centre for Value Investing and for supporting the centre’s activities.