The mission of the Centre is to research, teach, apply and promote the style of investing developed by Benjamin Graham in the early 1930s, referred to as Value Investing, with emphasis on Europe.

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What is Value Investing?

An approach to investing best summed up by Benjamin Graham, a veteran American investor, who urged others to seek a ‘margin of safety’; the opposite of growth investing. Value investors ferret out the stocks of companies (that is value stocks) which have solid businesses and balance sheets but which, for one reason or another, are out of favour with the market. Such investors aim to buy low and sell high. Their techniques vary. Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, values companies on the basis of the present value of their future cash flows. Others look for companies whose price/earnings ratios are below the average for the market as a whole. Most take a long-term view of investment.

—Essential Finance, by Nigel Gibson, p.305.

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We would like to thank Eurobank S.A. and Eurolife  FFH for their generous support that allowed the establishment of the Greek Centre for Value Investing and for supporting the centre’s activities.