“Is active investing the result of luck or skill?”

Skillful asset managers have outperformed, not because of market timing, but rather because they chose the right sectors or stocks. Dr. Athanassakos discusses this in his latest article, “Is active investing the result of luck or skill?”, published in The Globe and Mail (Report on Business), p. B7. The article also appeared in Globe Investor Magazine…


“A bubble in the stock market like no other”

For the first time in the last 40 years, we may be witnessing a bubble forming around highly profitable companies, as opposed to prior bubbles that were centred on unprofitable ones. Dr. George Athanassakos discusses this bubble and its causes in his latest article, “A bubble in the stock market like no other”, published in The…

Presentation at the ASAC Conference

Dr. George Athanassakos gave a keynote presentation, titled “Value vs Growth Investing and the Future of Stock Prices”, at the ASAC (Administrative Sciences Association of Canada) Conference in Toronto, ON, Canada, an event hosted by the Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University. View Conference Details Conference Photos

George Koufopoulos

Value Investing Class Guest Speaker

George Koufopoulos, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, 3K Investment Partners, Athens, Greece, shared his investing knowledge and experience with Dr. Athanassakos’ Value Investing Class.   View PowerPoint Presentation     Photo Gallery Presentation   Q&A Session


“Is Canada’s economy heading toward disaster?”

In his latest article, “Is Canada’s economy heading toward disaster?”, published in The Globe and Mail (Report on Business), p. B4, Dr. George Athanassakos discusses the critical mistakes Canadian politicians are making that impede productivity increases and wealth creation at a national level and parallel similar mistakes made by politicians in Argentina and South Africa. The…


“Anomalies Abound in Today’s Economy”

Do machine learning algorithms, that need massive and good quality data about the past and assume that the future will look pretty much like the past, work in today’s economy? Or will investor insight, and “between the lines” reading of nuanced economic numbers always be required? Find out in Dr. George Athanassakos’ latest article, “Anomalies Abound…