“The concept of risk and risk management in value investing and modern portfolio theory”

How do portfolio managers who follow modern portfolio theory vs those who follow value investing manage risk and market volatility? Dr. George Athanassakos explains the difference in how each handles risk and provides his advice in his latest article, “The concept of risk and risk management in value investing and modern portfolio theory”, published in the Canadian…

Conference 2021

1st European Value Investing Conference (Virtual)

The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing (Europe), in collaboration with the Greek Centre for Value Investing, held its 1st European Value Investing Conference virtually on October 1, 2021. The Conference was sponsored by Eurobank S.A., Eurolife FFH, Centre for the Advancement of Value Investing Education and Turtle Creek Asset Management Inc. See Conference Details including Videos and Media Coverage


“What’s the difference between Ben Graham and Warren Buffett when it comes to value investing?”

Benjamin Graham is the father of value investing, which has traditionally meant looking at stocks with the lowest price-to-earnings and price-to-book multiples. Warren Buffett was once a disciple of that approach, but his company has grown so big that he now prefers larger-cap stocks that have sustainable competitive advantage, without necessarily low multiples. So why…


“Three steps that unlock value investing”

Dr. Athanassakos provides a value investing primer in his article “Three steps that unlock value investing”, (Please note that the article is written in Greek) published in Euro2Day, as he and his co-author explore the steps necessary to find and buy truly undervalued stocks. The growth of interest in value investing in Greece is also highlighted in the…